Welcome to the Unified Practice Knowledge Base

Getting Started

Learn how to set up your account and explore resources for new staff members.

Billing & Payments

Learn about our Card Capture for Policy Enforcement feature! Also learn how to Process Cash & Insurance transactions, Manage Reports, and more!

Onboarding Forms

Learn how patients can fill out forms from their email, or on the iPad in your office. Note: To set up Forms settings, check Getting Started section.

Calendar Management

Learn how to use our calendar features and manage your schedule.


Chart on the iPad, or chart on the Desktop! Learn how to chart like a pro with Unified Practice.

Email & Text Message Notifications

Send your email and text message notifications! Learn how to customize and track the notifications for your patients.

Insurance Verification

How to use the Integrated Insurance Verification Service and FAQs.


Video Conference with your patients! Learn how to use our Integrated Telemedicine Services with LifeSize.

Patient Management

Learn how to manage a patient's file

Email Marketing

Learn how to use our HIPAA Compliant Email Marketing integration with Constant Contact.

Inventory Management

Learn how to edit and manage your inventory within Unified Practice

EHR Agenda App (iPhone, Android)

Learn how to use the iPhone & Android app to schedule and manage your appointments!

Unified Practice FAQs

What are the system requirements for Unified Practice? How can you export your documents? We have all of your answers here.