Onboarding Forms FAQS

This article will cover general information and questions regarding patient paperwork / onboarding forms.

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Medical Questionairre and Consent Settings


What does the Onboarding process look like from the patient's point of view?

See this video below for a demonstration of the onboarding process.

Why are the forms not assigned to my patient?

Forms are assigned to the patient when an appointment is scheduled, based on the Patient Type, and the Service Type. If the appointment was booked before the forms were added, they will not be assigned to your patient's file.

My forms are assigned to only new (or only existing) patients, but the forms were not assigned. Why did this happen?

Check to see if the patient is registered under the expected patient type, go to Patient File > Personal tab. You can also see whether a patient is in new patient status by going to the Calendar and viewing the appointment details and whether the patient is designated as New or Existing.

A patient's status will change to existing after their first appointment or if you've switched the status of the patient to Existing in the Personal tab.

I used the Send Reminder button, but my patient was unable to fill out their forms? Why did this happen?

The Send Reminder link will expire 12 days from the moment you've sent the link to the patient. We generally recommend sending this reminder a day before the appointment. If the patient clicks on an expired link, they will come across a "Appointment not available" error message.

Additionally, the Send Reminder button from the Calendar, and the Send Reminder button from the Forms tab operates differently:

  • The Send Reminder button from the Calendar will send your patients the forms for that specific appointment. If this not an initial appointment, and there are no other forms assigned to that appointment, the patient will only be asked for their Personal information, Medication history, and Insurance information (if you accept insurance).

    Using this button each time will ask your patients to update their Personal information each time.
  • The Send Reminder button from the Forms tab will ask your patients to fill out any outstanding forms from upcoming or past appointments (any forms in red listed in the Forms tab). It will not ask patients to fill out their Personal information, Medication history, or Insurance information.

My patient tried to complete their forms but received an Appointment is not available" error message. Why did this happen?

This will usually happen for one of the following reasons:

  • The patient attempted to access their forms after the appointment.
  • The patient attempted to access the Send Reminder email after link expired.
  • The patient mistakenly clicked on an older confirmation email.
  • The appointment was cancelled.
  • The SOAP note has already been started for the Appointment.

My Patient said they filled out their forms, but when I checked the Forms tab the forms are still in red. Why did this happen?

This will typically happen for one of the following reasons:

  • There was a matching error. When a matching error occurs, the forms will not get attached to the existing patient's file. It can however get assigned if you create a new file for the patient.

  • The initial appointment was cancelled or rescheduled. As a result, the forms may not have been assigned to that appointment. 
  • The onboarding process timed out. If the patient left the computer idle for up to 10-15 minutes, the system will time out for security reasons.
  • The patient attempted to fill out the forms from their phone. Although patients can have success filling out forms on their phone, we always recommend that patients fill forms out from a computer.

Additionally, sometimes patients may mistake the personal information and medication history section for Medical Questionnaire and Consent forms. When these errors occur in general, we recommend using the Send Reminder button.

The Medical Questionnaire shows as being completed by the patient, so why is it blank or incomplete? 

This will usually happen when the patient skips over the Medical Questionnaire by clicking Submit. You can enter the information for the patient by going to the Forms tab of the patient's file, and clicking on the edit button for the Medical Questionnaire.

If the patient has filled out any part of the form, we are unable to reassign the form to them. Due to regulations, we are unable to remove their answers from an official medical form. If the patient hasn't filled out anything, and you would like the patient to re-do the form, reach out to our Support team so that we can re-assign it to the patient.

Can my Patients fill out their Medical Questionnaires or Read & Sign forms more than once?

The system will only ask your patients to fill out their Medical Questionnaires and Read & Sign forms once. Forms can only be filled out and submitted once by patients. Unfortunately, if your patient has already started the onboarding process, we cannot reassign an already submitted form due to HIPAA and regulations pertaining to deleting official medical records.

If you would like patients to fill out a form at each appointment, such as a progress check-in or health screening form, you can add a form to your Screening Forms section. 

My Patient filled out their forms, but did not fill out their Personal information or Medication history. How did this happen?

This may happen because the patient clicked on the Send Reminder link (sent from the Forms tab). This will only provide the patient with only the Medical Questionnaires, Read & Sign, and Screening Forms to fill out.