How Do Patients Schedule and Join Telemedicine Appointments?

Telemedicine services are integrated within Unified Practice. The only difference a patient will notice within their confirmation, is that the "Location" of their appointment is a link to join the virtual meeting room. 


Here is a short video showing the flow of a patient booking a Telemedicine appointment via the Patient Portal:


When a Telemedicine service is scheduled:

  1. You and your patient will receive a confirmation email with the unique link to join the virtual appointment.
  2. Patients will receive a reminder 30-minutes prior to the start of their appointment.
  3. At the time of the appointment, your patient will click the link within their email.


Important Note

The meeting will launch on the browser of the patient's device, where the virtual appointment will take place. Patients will need to enter their name, email (optional), agree to terms of service, and enable their microphone and video.