LifeSize Video Conferencing FAQs

LifeSize Video Conferencing FAQs Our Telemedicine integration allows virtual meetings through Lifesize video conferencing.

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The Basics

Question: Is an account required to use Lifesize?

Answer: An account is not required to use Lifesize. To enter the video conference, you will simply need a display name.

-If you would like to record meetings, you will need to create a paid account with Lifesize. Depending on your computer device, you may also try recording your own screen. 

Question: Do I need to download the Lifesize app?

Answer: Downloading the app is not necessary when using supported browsers, such as Google Chrome. However depending on the browser or device being used, the app may have to be downloaded. Click the button below to see a list of supported web browsers by Lifesize.

Using Lifesize

Please see the above video demonstration of how to use Lifesize.

Question: How do I turn my camera on for Lifesize?

Answer: Look for the camera button, located to the bottom right and make sure it is turned on.

Question: I am unable to hear my patient and/or my patient is unable to hear me. How do I fix this?

Answer: As with most video conferencing software, you'll have to make sure your computer/device audio settings is set correctly

  • If you are using a desktop computer, this is likely caused by your computer defaulting to the incorrect mic. Click on the 3 dots, and then click on Settings > Mic. If you have more than one mic in your computer settings, try selecting different options until one works.

  • If you using a mobile device, make sure that the mic and camera are enabled for the mobile browser or app on your iPad/iPhone/Android device. You can usually find this in your Settings

Question: The video quality/resolution seems low. How do I fix this?

Answer: Click on the three dots, and then click on Video Resolution. You will have options of 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Select 1080p for the highest quality. If you are still experiencing resolution issues, this may be caused by your connection or your video camera. 

Were you not able to find the answer to your question in this article?

If so, try checking out LifeSize support page to troubleshoot from their end.