How Do I Schedule and Join Telemedicine Appointments (Practitioner)?

Here's how you, as the practitioner, can schedule and join your virtual visits. 

Once you've gone through the steps of setting up your Telemedicine Services, you are ready to start filling up your calendar with telemedicine appointments!

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Here are the steps to book your virtual appointment

  1. Navigate to your Calendar

  2. Click on a time on the Calendar or Add Appointment in the lower right-hand corner

  3. Search and Select your patient

  4. Fill out any pertinent information for the visit (reason, appointment type), and verify the date and time of the appointment. 

  5. Select one of your Telemedicine services from the Service drop-down. You will see a message that states "Video link displays after booking.

  6. Click Save, and you and your patient will receive the confirmation email for the appointment.

Here are the steps to join your virtual appointment

Before joining a virtual appointment, please note that the meeting will launch a window in your browser where the virtual appointment will take place. Be sure to enter your name, email (optional), agree to terms of service, and enable microphone and video.

From the Calendar on Web/iPad/EHR Agenda

  1. Navigate to your Calendar
  2. Click on the appointment 
  3. Click on the meeting link in the appointment information window in the appointment details section

Updated Join Telemedicine

How to join from the iPad App

Here are the steps to join from your email

  1. Navigate to the inbox where you receive appointment notifications

  2. Open up the confirmation email for the appointment

  3. Click the meeting link