What Can be Exported From Unified Practice?

At some point you might want to export your data. Here we’ll review what we can export for you and what you can export manually on your own.

What you can manually export yourself:

All financial and insurance information can be exported on your own. Navigate to the Billing or Reports tabs and choose the appropriate report you’d like to export.


Common reports that our customers export include:

  • Claims (Billing > Claim List)
  • Inventory on Hand (Reports > Inventory on Hand)
  • Clinic Activity Details (Reports > Clinic Activity Details)
  • Clinic Activity Aggregate (Reports > Clinic Activity Aggregate)
  • Patient Insurance (Reports > Patient Insurance)
  • Patient Summary (Reports > Patient Summary)
  • Sales tax (Reports > Sales tax)
  • Day Sheet Range (Billing > Day Sheet Range)

What we can export for you:

Exports will contain a folder for each patient that includes their name and Patient ID number. Each folder will contain forms, documents, and SOAP notes for that patient.  Your export will be sent via an encrypted and secure link on a scheduled date.

  1. Patient Contact and Medical Information:
    1. Patient Summary (CSV format): First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birth Date, Phone [Home], Phone [Cell], Fax Number 1, Fax Number 2, Email Address 1, Email Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip ode, Address Line 1, Address Line 2. *this can also be exported on your own in the Reports > Patient Summary report
    2. Onboarding Forms (PDF format): Medical Questionnaires, Read and Sign, and Screening forms that your patients have filled out/signed.
    3. Documents uploaded in the Files tab (exported in the format the file was uploaded as): includes any document you uploaded within the Files tab of a Patient File. 
    4. SOAP notes* (PDF): signed chart notes from within a patient file.

*SOAP notes must be signed to be included in the export.

To view unsigned charts, log into your account on your iPad, and go to the Hamburger Icon (the 3 horizontal lines at the top left) > Unsigned Charts.

Additionally, you can use the Unbilled Visits Report to filter dates of service with a chart status of "Not Signed."

 Please contact us at support@unifiedpractice.com if you want to schedule an export.