An Overview of Each Report

Here is an overview of each report within Unified Practice


* Some Reports may not be available based on Subscription type.*

** Reports available with an Enhanced or Premium Subscription.

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Payments List

This report will show a historical list of all payments entered. Allowing you to sort and view allocations. It's valuable for seeing payments you've received by date, and you can also edit transactions from this report. This saves you the step of going back to the Patient File to make adjustments. 

Claims List **

This report will show you all created insurance claims, system-wide. You can send individual claims or bulk export claims to Office Ally - if you have an Enhanced or Premium plans (if you would like to upgrade your account to utilize Office Ally please contact Support). You can also change the status of insurance claims in bulk, and check proof of claim process and history. The Claim List can also expand the claim to see its history. 

Day Sheet

This report will shows the totals of financial activity for that day. You will see an overview for items like total payments received, and how they were applied. Generally, this report allows you to reconcile bookkeeping on a day to day basis. 

Day Sheet Range

The Day Sheet Range will show the accounts receivables for your clinic within a specific date range. Categories shown in this report include Prepayments, Service and Product charges, and adjustments. Upon request, this report will take 1-2 business days to arrive in your email.

Balance Due

This report will allow you to track what is owed from the Patient or the Insurance company. This can be useful to follow up with patients or insurance to make sure balances get resolved. 

Aging Report**

This report will show an amount owed by a patient or Insurance company over a specific amount of time. 

Unbilled Visits**

The Unbilled Visits report is essentially a catch-all report. Patients will show up on this list if there is an unsigned chart, if no CPT or ICD codes are entered, and if a claim is not created. In order to remove patients from this list, all the aforementioned conditions need to be met. 

Given the different filtering options, this report is useful to verify if billing info is correct, or whether you missed adding a CPT or ICD code for a particular invoice, for example.

The Reports Module


Clinic Activity Details

This report will show the number of appointments and charts, as it relates to the sales data by Practitioner. This report is a great way to see at a glance the service or product sales added to an invoice (Service or Product Sales column), and whether that matches with the amount paid (Service or Product Paid column). 

It will also show you the total sale and adjustments made overall within a given date range. 

This report is based on Date Of Service - this means that the information displayed will show you that charges have been entered on a specific DOS, and that appointment has been paid for, but will not report what the posted date for the payments on those dates of service are.

Clinic Activity Aggregate

This report will show you the number of appointments, charts, and closed charts within a given date range. It will also show you your total sales, and the amount paid overall by payer type (Patient or Insurance). You can compare and contrast the performance of your clinic from month to month.

This report is based on Date Of Service - the totals displayed are calculated based on which date of service has been paid, not when the payment was processed.

Clinic Detailed Report**

The Clinic Detail Report will provide you with a categorized view of transactions in the system within a specified date range. You will be able to see service and product charges, total paid, discounts, adjustments, and the balance due for each date of service. Upon request, this report will take 1-2 business days to arrive in your email.

Payment Allocation

This report will show you where payments were allocated by practitioner. It allows you to distinguish the dollar amount of Services and Products sold, and whether taxes were applied.

This report is based on the date funds were applied - dates of service and posted dates can land outside of the date range selected at the top of the report.

*We recommend using this report when paying practitioners based on how much money they have collected from Visits and Product Sales.*

Transactions by Date

This report will show the history of every transaction, and identifies the Transaction ID number. This report is also a handy way to keep track of check payments, or any transaction you keep track of with a custom transaction number.  This report is based on the payment posted date.

Patient Summary

The Patient Summary report will show a full list of your patient's names and emails, along with additional demographic information. You can filter this report with various filter options to narrow down or search for a specific group of patients. This report can be exported as a .csv file.

Patient Insurance**

This report will allow you to see a comprehensive list of which insurance companies are assigned to your patients. These are based on which insurance companies have been selected from the drop-down menu within the Insurance tab of the patient file. You can search patients and filter them by insurance company. This report can be exported as a .csv file.

Inventory on Hand

This report will show you the current overall quantity on hand for each inventory item, as well as your overall Cost (based on the Average Unit Cost), the value of your items on hand (Total), Tax Rate for each item, and the Price per item. Items can be filtered by location and if they are active/inactive.

Sales History

This report will show the overall sales history of each inventory item, including the unit of measurement, quantity sold, and the profit margin based on the wholesale price (average unit cost) and the retail price (Unit Sales Price).

Sales Tax

The Sales Tax report will allow you to see the Net Charged, and Net collected amount for both services and products, as well as the tax rate charged for each. You can select a date range for this report, and it will also break down these numbers by location.

SMS Management (only available if SMS Notifications are enabled)

This report will allow you to see which patients are opted in to text messages, and the date in which the appointments may have opted out. You can opt-in* or opt-out patients using the toggle switch.

* You will only be able to opt someone in if they have not opted themselves out.

Notifications Report

This report will allow you to see the emails and text messages that have gone out and whether they have been delivered. You can search for patient names, filter by provider, and even select a date range for these messages. Click on the Email and SMS tab, to switch between emails and texts that have been sent out.

Insurance Verification

This report will show you the insurance verification status of your patient's insurance benefits. It will show the verification status, as well as the date of the verification. You can also filter this report by date range.

Notifications Aggregate

The notifications aggregate report will show you the number of emails or text messages sent out by the clinic by month. You can see which messages were sent to both patients and practitioners. This report can be particularly helpful to foresee SMS charges, based on how many have been sent in a given month.

Clinical Report**

The Clinical report will allow you to filter patients by which CPT codes, or ICD codes have been assigned to their appointment. You can filter this by date range, practitioner, and even the age range of those patients.

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