Who Owns The Patient Data?

You own the data, in almost all cases. Please consult your state laws on the matter to be absolutely sure. Typically, the health care provider owns the records because they were the author of the record, but in Delaware, for example, the patient has legal ownership of their health records. 

What the patient does have is access to and control over their records. Please consult your state laws to make sure you're always in compliance with these statutes.

You might be using Unified Practice as either a Clinic or an Individual. In most cases, if you sign-up as a clinic, then the clinic owns the data. If you sign-up as an individual/independent practitioner, then each practitioner owns their respective patient data, even if they work in the same clinic. If you leave the Unified Practice clinic that you're working for, and you have a legal right to your patient files from that clinic, you may request an export of your data. Contact us at support@unifiedpractice.com to request a data export. We may request confirmation of an export from the clinic manager or primary account owner to verify export requests.