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How Does the Card Capture for Policy Enforcement Feature Work?

Learn about the Cancellation/No Show Policy features, how to enforce your policy, how to change or waive fees, and what your patient's will see.


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What it Means

  • Your patient will be able to enter their debit or credit card information on the online booking page.
  • You will be able to set an enforcement policy. This policy can be a standard cancellation or no show policy fee.
  • You can choose to waive or enforce the fee that you decide upon. The patient agrees to your cancellation/no show fees when booking their appointment online. Your patient will only be charged if you choose to enforce the fee. This can be done when creating an appointment or after it has been booked.

Can I add a card to a Patient Appointment if they book in the Clinic or over the phone?

Yes, when booking a new appointment either in person at the clinic or over the phone, you will be prompted to fill out the credit card information within the Appointment Details Window as shown below.

Here is What your Patients will See


Your patients will be able to add their credit or debit card information in the Cancellation Policy section.

Enforce Your Policy

  • Within the Calendar, click on the appointment.
  • When ready to enforce the policy, click on the Appointment Status No Show button, if this patient no showed. If they cancelled, you can click the Cancel Appointment button then select Cancelled by Patient. You can choose to fully, partially enforce, or waive the fee.

Waive Your Fee for the Appointment

Important Note

You can waive your fee before the cancellation window, so that if a patient cancels or reschedules within that time frame they will not be charged.

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